Wednesday 1st August 2012 – The truth revealed

I am at last in a position to tell you a little more about the family boating expedition. As you would probably expect there were some highs, some lows and some very funny situations. On the first night, they nearly set fire to the boat when the bar b q got a little carried away and they all got flame grilled steaks. It was nearly steak a la fire extinguisher, but fortunately the meat was rescued and the flames died down. Megan didn’t get the hang of boating and was little more enthusiastic than I had been. She half fell overboard twice, but was caught on both occasions. She said she wasn’t as nimble around the deck as Shadow, who took to it like a duck to orange sauce. She was happily sitting out at the front, watching the world go by. Megan wouldn’t leave my Mistress’s side and said by the end of the week she was a bit of a nervous wreck.

The funniest day was the day that at midday simultaneously my Mistress’s watch broke and her mobile phone stopped working. It is believed the two events were unrelated, but it seems a bit spooky to me. The watch will need repairing, but she did get the phone working a little later, however, not before the thunder and lightning and rain cascading in sheets out of the sky. They were driving the boat from the open bridge at the time and in the time it took to pull up they were soaked to the skin. You might ask why they didn’t drive it from the indoor bit and they would have done, only when my Mistress turned the windscreen wipers on the one in front of the driver flew off, making it impossible to see. No sooner had they tied up than a man appeared from nowhere and told that it wasn’t safe to moor just there and they needed to move off. Apparently there was too high a risk of falling trees. Anyway, they got sorted and moved off to a new location as soon as the rain stopped.

Other than some sunburn and a few more bruises, no one got really hurt. Now they are safely back on dry land and Megan says she can’t wait to get home. She says she will even call a truce to our ongoing quarrel, if you can call me cowering in the corner every time I see her ‘a quarrel’!

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