Thursday 2nd August 2012 – Oh dear, Megan!

Megan is not a happy dog. She has decided that going on holiday is all too strange and she’d much rather be at home in familiar surroundings with me. Normally when she is travelling she is fine, but this time has all proved a bit too much. She says the boat traumatised her and to be honest I can quite understand that, but now she is in a hotel and she doesn’t like it at all. She keeps panicking and thinking she has to be on guard, when my mistress wants her just to relax and put her paws up. According to Megan it is because the corridor is rather dimly lit and she keeps finding strange people lurking in places she wasn’t expecting to find them. My Mistress is surprised she hasn’t been asked to leave yet. Somehow screaming kicking children being dragged through reception are much more easily tolerated than a crazy barking dog. Thankfully Shadow is showing maturity and behaving well so my Mistress can at least rely on her to help when necessary, but poor Megan is very jumpy and my Mistress just wants to get her back to familiar surroundings to settle her down again. It won’t be long now and then we’ll all be reunited and happy. I can’t wait.

Aristotle has been chalking off the hours until they return. I’ve told him he needs to try to get it off the wall before my Mistress comes home and sees what he’s done. I know it’s just because he’s missing her, but that is not excuse for drawing green chalk lines all over the paintwork. I’m not sure which he’s looking forward to most, seeing everyone or starting on his swimming lessons next week. He keeps telling me it’s hydrotherapy, but I’ve seen him looking at the brochure with pictures of a dog playing with toys in the pool and I’m not fooled.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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