Friday 3rd August 2012 – Back to the UK

You cannot believe how excited Aristotle and I are at the prospect of our humans coming home. My first thought today was ‘I just can’t wait to see them’ and my second through was ‘I’d better do some clearing up before they come home’. You know how it is, when the human’s away the dog will play and all that. We haven’t done anything too drastic, at least there’s nothing that Aristotle has actually admitted to, but you never can tell with a puppy. In one cruel twist my Mistress has found another boating holiday she would like to go on next year. ‘Count me out,’ I said, when she started telling me. However, then she told me it was around the waterways of Belgium and at that point my ears pricked up. Oh the torture. I could go to visit my homeland, if I’m prepared to spend two weeks on a boat. How can she do that to me? She knows I’ve said I never want to go on a boat again, not ever, not at all, no way! But Belgium! I want to go back home. In any case, the alternative might be staying at home with Megan, who has not only said she doesn’t want to go on a boat but has been told by the family that she is most definitely not being taken next year. Now choosing between two weeks in close proximity to Megan or two weeks on a boat in Belgium, becomes a much harder choice. Mind you, if I go then Aristotle would have to come too as he’s my buddy and partner in crime. I bet he’ll go overboard, mind you after his swimming lesson my Mistress might be a little less worried about that outcome.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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