Saturday 4th August 2012 – Waiting

I’m struggling to keep an excited puppy calm at the thought that our humans are coming home to us. More to the point, I’m having difficulty keeping an excited Alfie calm at the thought of seeing my Mistress. I spoke to her last night and she can’t wait to see us. She has promised that she will spend some time just with us to try to make up for leaving us behind. I could hear Megan in the background complaining, but she will just have to put up with it. All my wounds have healed so I suppose I’m ready for her to inflict the next set on me. The downside of holidays is all the catching up you have to do when you get back. As if it isn’t bad enough to think of all the work you’ve missed, there’s the grass to cut and the washing to be done and don’t get me started on just how empty the cupboards are. Mind you, the cupboards are the easiest one to fix and the supermarket has been booked to bring the food to us tomorrow morning. It’s a good job my Mistress doesn’t normally go away for this long. Two weeks is a very long time in the life of a dog.


We need to clear out the summerhouse so that there is somewhere for both Aristotle’s stroller and the roof box. My Mistress has originally thought that the roof box could stay on the car, but she has already encountered the problems of not being able to get under car park barriers, so the roof box will be removed and put away until next year. My Mistress’s latest idea is that she can store things for the puppies, like all the newspapers and carrier bags, in the roof box so that she makes best use of the space. I suggested we could use it as the dining table, but I was outvoted.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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