Sunday 5th August 2012 – All grown up

To say that Aristotle was pleased to see our Mistress would be a dramatic understatement. Unfortunately his claws are a little on the long side right now and she has rather more scratches of welcome than she had been anticipating. It just meant she had no choice but to wear something with long sleeves when she went out in the evening. It was either that or look as though she had been mugged on route to the pub. I haven’t noticed any change in Ari, but then I was with him 24 hours a day. However, in my Mistress’s words, ‘he went into kennels as a puppy and came out as a dog’. I suppose when you are separated from your nearest and dearest for the first time for any real length of time then you do a lot of growing up. He and I didn’t argue once while we were away. I do think I’m lucky to have him around. We even tried to get into the same dog crate in the boot when we were picked up, but it was a bit of a squeeze. Ari said I was sitting on him and he couldn’t breathe, so I had to get into my own side instead. It was hard going to bed last night and not being able to cuddle up.


As you might expect we are going to be very busy catching up now that we are all at home. It’s a good job we are working dogs as there is plenty of work to go round and my Master is flat on his back in bed as his back has ‘gone’ – an odd description as from all I could see his back was definitely still there. I think he’s got Olympicitis and just needs a non-stop dose of watching it for a few days.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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