Monday 6th August 2012 – Monday Blues

Monday is never the best day of the week. My Master has gone back to work. My Mistress is back at her desk and the house is very quiet. To be honest the holiday has put us all out of our rhythm. Megan and Shadow have enjoyed having so much time with our humans. Ari and I had our own little routine and now we are back to sleeping apart. I’m happy – I have my Mistress back and I can climb into bed at 5 each morning. Unfortunately, I am the only one who is happy. Ah well – you can’t please everyone. As compensation Megan has been promised extra walks, but she says she just wants company. Her toe is still hurting and she is fed up with it. Really we all need to help my Mistress to catch up so that she is ready when she has to take Shadow to Switzerland. I have a horrible fear that it may be the end of August and my Mistress will be away for her birthday. Ah well, I should just have to make it up to her.


Aristotle is excited looking forward to Wednesday and his first swimming lesson. I’ll be happy for him to simply tell me about it. I’m just happy to be doing my Joint Care+ trial. I need to have a video of me playing ball, but it’s difficult for my Mistress to video and throw the ball so we need a plan. Did I tell you that a tv station is coming to see Shadow tomorrow to see if she would like to have her puppies live on air. I think there may be a problem with the quality of our broadband connection so I will be surprised if it actually happens, but how exciting would that be for us all?

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Bella says:

    Alfie …are you sure can you handle any more fame? Lots of *waggy welcome homes* to everyone!

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