Friday 10th August 2012 – Pedigree JointCare+ Trial Continues

Yes, I know this is advertising, but I do think it’s doing me good. It was only recently that one or two people were saying to me that they were surprised at how old I was looking. Actually, they weren’t as rude as to say it directly to me, it was more one of those ‘does he take sugar?’ moments where it was said to my Mistress across me as though I wouldn’t understand what was being said because I’m ‘only’ a dog. Anyway, as you can see from the photos I’ve rediscovered my ‘puppy’. I only have to see the ball thrower and I want to play. Sometimes I even let them throw the ball for me to chase. I had my Master throwing it all over the garden for me yesterday and I didn’t want to stop. There was one really nasty incident when my Mistress was going into the house with the camera and I accidentally ran across her, tripping her up and causing her some very severe bruising to her knee, but I’ll skip over that bit. The only problem I had was with the balls the lovely people at Pedigree sent me to play with. I kept getting them stuck on my tooth and having to use my paw to get the ball out of my mouth so that I could put it down to be thrown again. I did try saying ‘Will someone please help me get this ball off my tooth?’ but unsurprisingly when you are talking with a ball in your mouth, no one had any idea what I was saying until I’d removed it myself. Now I’ve just got to see if my Mistress will take me to the special event on 19th August. She says we’ll have to see, but if I keep begging then I’m sure I can wear her down.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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