Saturday 11th August 2012 – She’s got her Mojo back

My Mistress was suffering, I think, from post-holiday blues. Even though she had the result of her grade 2 keyboard and it was better than she’d thought, she didn’t feel like practicing the keyboard. Even though our short story site is going well, she was struggling to feel like getting back into the swing of working. She didn’t really want to do anything. Then yesterday, she had her keyboard lesson and even though she hasn’t practiced she could do things she was struggling with before. Then she read a story that has been submitted for and she had tears streaming down her face and remembered all the reasons she started on the project in the first place. Sometimes when you can’t find something you have to look in unusual places and when it’s your mojo that’s gone missing you have to look even more carefully. So here we are, back to normal with my Mistress ready to take on the world and planning all sorts of crazy things.

She has also said that thanks to the Olympics she has a new role model. Oh there are many many para-olympians who are superb role models, but she has decided that Nick Skelton’s example is the one she needed. She was fed up that as she is getting older bits of her body aren’t working how they used to. She was feeling pretty down about the prospect of a knuckle replacement, seeing it as being the failure of her body through age. Now, as the commentator reeled off the things Nick Skelton has been through as a result of riding accidents she has started to look at it all a different way. The replacement isn’t because she’s getting older. It’s because she pushed her body to the limits and a little beyond and she just needs a new part to keep going. Let’s just see it as the first step towards her becoming our very own Bionic Woman!

It’s probably a good time to congratulate the British Olympic team and to thank them for an example that we can all take to heart. For all you have given up, all you have pushed your way through, all the times your bodies have ached but you’ve kept going, and for the pride and success you have brought to us all, thank you. From all of us, thank you.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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