Sunday 12th August 2012 – There is no hope for her!

As my Mistress was driving along the other day she saw one of those ‘Baby on Board’ stickers in a car, except it didn’t say ‘Baby’ it said something that was more specific to the car’s occupants, though I can’t remember now what she said. Anyway, she decided she wanted on that said ‘Entlebucher on Board’, so she has a look on the internet and has found a company that you can order them from. The initial suggestion is that the price is little different to have your own design, but I said to her she should not be fooled as she’s fallen into that trap before. ‘Wait until the draft artwork and price arrives before getting excited.’ They were my words of wisdom. She’s uploaded a cut out photo of Aristotle which I’ve added here for you and even I have to say he does look remarkably appealing.

Her enthusiasm for our breed can lead to some funny situations. She was at a concert and got talking to the person next to her, which led to a description of us and showing photos and now the person at the concert wants to go on the list for a puppy. To be fair they had been thinking of getting a Bernese Mountain Dog, but had decided they had too many health issues, so it wasn’t such an odd decision for them to reach. And she simply thought she’d gone out for a fun musical evening to see the band that her keyboard tutor is in. She wants to go again, so they must be good. From how she described it, there’s little fear that she will ever achieve their levels of accomplishment, but then she did start a little later in life.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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