Monday 13th August 2012 – If they will go out and leave me…

My Mistress is my best friend. We spend almost all our time together, but this last weekend she has had a few things on and hasn’t been around so much. Obviously you’ll understand that I was upset. I was also very pleased to see her when she came home on Saturday night and didn’t want to let her out of my sight. I do understand she had to put the others to bed and that leaving me behind the hall gate was for my own safety so that Megan couldn’t have a go at me, but I did not need my Master getting cross with me because I was crying. Was I really going to go off to bed and leave her behind downstairs? No I was not. There was no point telling me to ‘shut up and go to bed’ I was pining and being told off does not stop you pining. As soon as my Mistress came back I was fine and trotted off to bed like a good little fellow, at that point of course Ari started wailing that he couldn’t be with her too and she did seriously think of going downstairs to fetch him after my Master fell asleep. However, there was a very serious risk that in his excitement at being invited upstairs he would have jumped on the bed and given my Master a bit of a shock. At the very least that would have got him sent back downstairs again so would have been counter-productive. I have now made my Mistress promise never to go out again. Well it was more that I said to her ‘you won’t ever go out without us again will you?’ and she said ‘We’ll see’ but that was better than saying she definitely would.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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