Wednesday 15th August 2012 – If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Well I’ve got my paws on my Mistress’s new phone and I’ve set it to the ‘bark’ ring tone. I’ve also been having a go with the radio application and I’ve found two really cool radio stations, there’s ‘Bad Dog’ radio in Florence, USA, but I can’t get that to work and there’s ‘Big Dog’ radio, also in America that seems to play country music. It’s very strange having the radio saying good morning to you when it’s the middle of the afternoon. I guess I can’t have everything! I’ve used the camera to take a photo of Ari in front of the tv last night, of course I haven’t worked out how to upload the photo to the computer so I’m afraid I can’t show you. When I can work it out I’ll take a photo of Aristotle doing his physiotherapy exercises. He’s got a ‘wobble cushion’ that he has to stand his front paws on and then do some exercises. He’s getting the hang of it, with a little encouragement from a treat or two. He loves his food and will do anything as long as there is a clear promise of food. The mere suggestion of food doesn’t work with him. He won’t gamble on the chance of food. If you promise there will be food you have to deliver with Aristotle, he’s nobody’s fool, unlike the rest of us. Me, I’ll do anything on the vague suspicion I may be offered food at any time in the future. Any crumb will do, the very thought of it is enough. It’s going to be like that with the girls over the next few days too as they have both gone on diets. Despite their exercise levels they both seem a little more prone to putting a little extra on around the middle than us boys. It’s a tough world.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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