Thursday 16th August 2012 – Everyone needs an Aristotle

The little fellow had wandered off to do his own thing, as he does every so often and I thought little about it. Then there was the rustling sound of a bag. Now my Mistress has ears which are constantly on the listen for mischief and she knew immediately that he was up to something. She went to investigate, but Aristotle has good hearing too and he came running to meet her, a smile on his face and a look of pure innocence about him. My Mistress was not fooled. She went back to her desk and waited. Sure enough, there was another rustle. She put her finger to her lips to instruct me to be quiet and she took off her shoes and crept across the office towards the utility. Sure enough, Aristotle was perched on the chair, having opened up the sack of dog food that was next to it and was taking some out a mouthful at a time and putting it on the chair to enjoy eating it. One thing that can be safely assumed is that he will never go hungry. Even if the food were under lock and key he would find a way to unlock the cupboard. I wouldn’t put it past him to be able to pick a lock. In six years, I have never helped myself to the sack of dog food. Nor have either Shadow or Megan. Aristotle is an ingenious and resourceful puppy and I really have to admire the little fellow. He really is the sort of dog you want on your team and you certainly wouldn’t want him working against you.

Megan has asked to go back to the vet as her paw is still hurting. It just doesn’t seem to be getting better, however much she rests it. As soon as she runs on it again the problem starts again. Poor Megan. Mind you, it doesn’t make her any nicer to me when I’m supportive so perhaps I’ll cut the sympathy.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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