Friday 17th August 2012 – Approaching 50

Obviously if you count in human years I’m coming up to my 7th birthday, but if you go with the old dog multiple of 7 dog years to every human one I am approaching a key milestone. My birthday is November and so one seventh of a year after that I will hit the big 5 – 0. By my calculations it will be the beginning of January. Now you may wonder why this is so important, but the thing is that my Master will also hit 50 at around the same time and he is thinking of doing something to celebrate. “Excellent suggestion,” I said. “We could have a joint party.” I’m disappointed to say he was not impressed by the suggestion and seems to think he’d rather have a ‘do’ all on his own. Well not actually all on his own, that wouldn’t be a do. There’d obviously be people there, but he wasn’t thinking of inviting any dogs. It’s not that sort of ‘do’. I’m unimpressed by that reaction. I’m his eldest dog and you would think he’d be only too happy to include me. I have no choice but to arrange my own party and you needn’t think I shall be inviting him. Obviously I will include my Mistress, she wouldn’t dream of leaving me out, but I’m not sure who else to invite. I spend most of my time with Ari these days. I’d love to see my old friend Elvis but he’s in America so I guess it would have to be by video link. Other than that I suppose it could be quite a small do and it’s not the best time of year for travelling. Maybe I should plan something exciting instead of a party. We’ve got Aristotle’s first real birthday before that and he and his brothers and sisters are having a big party on our Fun Day. Perhaps I should just focus on making a really nice cake for them and forget about doing something for me.

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