Saturday 18th August 2012 – Always something

Megan’s paw just isn’t improving so she has been back to see the vet. Now she has to have an x-ray on it next Tuesday. She does her best to rest it and then as soon as she starts using it again she starts limping. It doesn’t look right either, so there’s definitely something wrong. Poor Megan it means she gets less food too so that she doesn’t start piling on the weight and she’s pretty fed up all round.

Shadow’s season hasn’t started yet. It could start any time now and when it does she has to pack her bag and head off to Switzerland. She says she’s getting excited but all I can see is that she’s a bit hormonal. It’s very hard for my Mistress planning anything when all the time she knows she is going to have to drop everything to take Shadow.

We are having a quiet weekend this weekend. With Megan’s paw being bad we can’t really have a big family walk, although that is a bonus as I get lots of games of ball with Shadow. I can’t take part when it’s Shadow and Megan playing as Megan prefers to go for me rather than the ball. When it’s just the two of us it’s great fun, although I generally lose when we keep score. I start off well but then Shadow will glare at me and I know exactly what is expected of me in that situation. I can run along side her. I am allowed to find the ball if she loses it, but I MUST not retrieve the ball if she wants to get it and I MUST not win. I know my place and I’m happy to oblige. The whole assertiveness thing rather passed me by in life. I’m happy not to be in charge as long as I can still sit close to my Mistress that’s all I need.

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