Monday 20th August 2012 – Any time now

We are waiting to see when Shadow will start her season. It really could be any day now. Her last two have been 28 weeks and six days, which would be today and 29 weeks and a day, which would be Wednesday. However, as we all know by now that is no real measure of what is going to happen and there is really no need to hold your breath. Knowing Shadow she will wait until we are least expecting it. Ari was sniffing round her on Saturday but I’ve not had the urge to get that close and yesterday she had an upset stomach and said she didn’t want to be around anyone so we left her alone. I don’t want to start getting too excited after the earlier escapade with Megan. I’ve learnt that getting excited before anything actually happens is a complete waste of energy, so I’m saving myself until we have something definite. It does mean that my Mistress is working flat out, still trying to catch up from her holiday in July so that she doesn’t get further behind with her work while she’s away. My job is to be there to calm and soothe her as necessary. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it and it’s no good my complaining as one of the others would be only too willing to take my role.

After a prolonged time of being home to half the spider population, the summerhouse has been declared open once again. My Mistress went out armed with the vacuum cleaner yesterday and sucked the spiders to extinction. In a moment of foresight she put the cleaner bag straight in the outside bin so that they didn’t wreak revenge by climbing out when she brought the vacuum cleaner back indoors.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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