Tuesday 21st August 2012 – Hormones!

If it isn’t bad enough that Shadow is hormonal, Megan has started losing her coat, which probably means she’s going to coming into season too. One hormonal bitch is bad enough, but two is more than any dog should have to deal with. Is there anyone out there who fancies a house guest for a few weeks? I’m house trained, always up for a cuddle and promise not to take up more than half of a double bed. I come complete with a large annoying puppy who bounces everywhere and a Mistress who is much harder to look after than I am.

My Mistress did for a moment have the crazy idea that if it worked on timing she could mate Megan this time round too, but my Master put that idea into context when he said ‘So you could cope with 20 dogs in the house at the same time?’ At that point she gulped and said she doubted it would be more than 18 in total at most, but did have to admit that he may just have a point. If Megan’s season does start sooner than we thought it would it will make it easier for mating her in six months’ time. That would give chance to get over the first litter before worrying about the next.

When we’ve had Fun Days before there haven’t been more than 8 of us of our breed. I know that doesn’t sound many, but it is when you compare it to the total numbers in the country. Anyway, for our September meeting there are going to be at least 13 of us all in one place. Shadow couldn’t be more excited as five of her seven children will be there, including all the ones she hasn’t seen since last November. Aristotle has been told by My Mistress that he mustn’t overdo it because of his leg, but if you saw how excited he is about it you would realise there is no hope of him remembering that until the following day when he won’t be able to move.

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