Wednesday 22nd August 2012 – Good news and bad news

Megan’s toe turns out not to be broken. You’d think that was good news, but it isn’t when you realise there is no real solution to its swelling up and hurting her. Given that rest hasn’t made a difference, she may just have to cope with it the way it is and have some pain relief now again. The vet did ask if my Mistress thought Megan was only pretending it hurt. Before she answered my Mistress had to think very carefully as it wouldn’t be beyond any of us to feign injury in order to get a bit of extra attention. All I’m saying is that we learnt it from the humans around us! Anyway, after some thought my Mistress decided this wasn’t the case as Megan only starts limping after a while and doesn’t try using it as an excuse not to exercise. It’s fairly certain that whatever happens now she will ultimately have arthritis in it and may even be able to win the argument to be able to have the same joint care treats I’m on. Of course, she’ll need to get her own supply as I don’t plan to share mine with anybody.

Aristotle on the other paw has now chewed his way into every sack of dog food in the house and having been caught in the act is well and truly grounded. I know it’s hard for him, but he really does need to keep himself slim and in shape for the sake of his elbow. I’m sorry that he still feels a bit hungry now and again, but he isn’t allowed to turn feeding times into eat as much as you like buffets. Who am I kidding? I’m just jealous I’d never thought to do it myself.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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