Friday 24th August 2012 – The enemy of my enemy…

You know the old saying ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend,’ well it proved true yesterday. Shadow’s season may not have started but she is hormonal and she is definitely making clear she is top dog. Megan found herself victim of a flying attack as Shadow leapt off the settee and claimed the chew that Megan was about to enjoy. Shadow then added the chew to the pile next to her, which already included the ones she has confiscated from both Aristotle and me. Anyway, at that point Megan offered her paw to me and called a truce so that we could fight our common enemy together, if only we had the nerve. Shadow took up position next to my Mistress’s chair and threatened all-comers that they were not allowed to get too close. All-comers except little Aristotle who was allowed in to wash his mother’s feet! Sadly for us it was a job which he did gladly, not for a moment standing up for his rights or telling her that such a menial job was demeaning to his status. You can never trust a puppy to follow the party line! At least not when the dog ruling with a rod of iron is his mother. If only he didn’t do it with a smile and a wag of his little tail I could still have believed he was with us in spirit.

My only possible retaliation was to bark. In the end I was sent to my room for being rude, where no amount of whimpering brought my Mistress’s sympathy. Why didn’t she just send Shadow to her room for being so horrible to us? Just because Shadow’s hoping to have some more puppies, she’s being pampered. She’s getting special extras at breakfast and being allowed to sit near my Mistress. It makes me wish I could have puppies – it’s an unfair world!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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