Saturday 25th August 2012 – A poorly puppy

Aristotle has not been well. He has had a very bad case of the squits. He says that’s why he didn’t feel like swimming the other day and it started soon afterwards. Yesterday morning he had been so poorly overnight, which necessitated rather a lot of washing and cleaning, open windows and extensive hand washing, that my Mistress decided he should go without feed for 24 hours. Now, if you have been reading, you will already know that Aristotle likes his food. He likes his food so much that he has found a way to open every sack of dog food in the house, steal dog treats, reach all kitchen work surfaces claiming carrots, meat tins and anything else he can get his paws on. Anyway, you can imagine how he appreciated the threat of going without food. By mid-morning he was trying to get hold of the phone to dial for a pizza delivery and by the afternoon was placing a full-blown order on the internet for supermarket delivery. The only think that stopped him was my Mistress hiding her credit card and whilst I’ve memorised the numbers, I wasn’t going to tell him, in case I was deprived of treats as punishment. He spent the rest of the day lying in a worn out little heap on the settee accepting the occasional pat and looking doleful at every opportunity. There is always one upside of this type of treatment in our house. Out of the freezer came the chicken meat ready to be cooked with rice for his meals for the next couple of days to try to straighten things out. I’m just wondering if there is a way I can get in on the chicken and rice without having to go without food for 24hours first. I’d like to show my support to the little fellow in his suffering.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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