Sunday 26th August 2012 – An English Bank Holiday

It rains – oh it rains. It’s cold. My Mistress is contemplating a log fire and it isn’t even September for another few days. My Mistress claims that it always rains at the end of August. She has a particular reason for remembering by way of having a birthday. She is totally convinced that the weather gods have got it in for her birthday. She’s even thinking of moving it to a different time of year and not mentioning it to them in the hope she might choose a sunny day. She has said that on the day in question she is going to pretend it’s summer, however cold she is and however wet she gets. Now given that she’s going out for the day, she could get very cold and very wet. We’ll just have to see. Looking on the bright side, she had expected to be spending her birthday watching her dog mating so at least that hasn’t been the case. She really would like Shadow to hurry up and get started now though, as she is fed up of having to make all her plans subject to when Shadow starts her season.

We now have 16 dogs like us coming to our fun day, plus one or two or three of other breeds. I can’t believe there will be that many. I’ve never seen that many, even when I was in Belgium. Shadow and Megan have seen more than that in Switzerland but that’s different. It may still be more than that as there a few we have not yet heard from. It’s a shame that any of them have to miss out really. I’m going to help make the birthday cake. My other friend Alfie has sent me a recipe. I just have to remember not to eat it as I go along. Please don’t tell Aristotle that I’m doing it, it’s a surprise for him and his brothers and sisters and the litter that were born a few days later in September, but the previous year.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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  1. Can’t wait to meet you all and try the cake! *Waggy tail*

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