Monday 27th August 2012 – Computers

There I was turning on my computer yesterday when it came up with the message to say it wouldn’t boot and I should use a boot disc. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve generally found that booting a computer is not the best idea. Last time I tried that not only did I bruise my toe but the computer wouldn’t work at all. Anyway, after a fair amount of fiddling by my Mistress it seemed to be sorted out and I got working. It did lead to her saying that maybe I’m going to need a new computer. How about that? The one I’m using is only a little older than I am. We’ve been together the entire seven years of my lifetime. Normally you’d think I would be excited about having something new, but it set me thinking if she can be so dismissive of our old faithful computer and suggest replacing it with a new one, what would she say if her old faithful dog didn’t want to get up in a morning. Of course, to be fair, I never want to get up in a morning and many days she has to climb over me to get out. I looked fairly sullen for a while and eventually she noticed that something was wrong. The good news is that it doesn’t work the same way with a dog as it does with a computer and apparently I am with her to the very end of my days, or hers whichever happens first. On the plus side I’m now looking forward to seeing if the computer boots tomorrow or whether I am going to be having a new one, and on the minus side I’m now feeling a little sorry for the computer and its disposability. In theory computers don’t have feelings or think for themselves, but I have to say my experience of my computer wanting to do its own thing is vastly different to that theory!

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