Wednesday 29th August 2012 – A happy dog

My Pedigree Jointcare+ trial is at an end. I have been taking mine for five rather than six weeks as I started a little late and I can honestly say I am one satisfied dog. I can run further, faster and want to play much more than I did before I started. I’ll be honest, I was starting to feel a little old. I was aware that the years were stacking up against me and I have to say I was really knocked by losing my dad earlier this year. Now, I am a new dog. Anyway, the good news for both Pedigree and me is that now only has my Mistress said I can carry on having them, but she is going to try them out with Aristotle as well and a friend of ours, as a result of seeing me, is now trying them out for her dog and she has already noticed a difference. Far be it from me to be too complimentary about anything, but we’ve also told our vet about them too. All in all I think Pedigree knew what they were doing by investing in a starter pack for me and my very own ball thrower. Anyway, to the lovely people at Pedigree – thank you. It’s good to feel young again. Given it’s my Mistress’s birthday today and she is notching up the years do you think you could put her on them too?

We dogs are letting our hair down today. My Mistress has gone out for the day for her birthday and we are at home causing mayhem. I have told the others we need to put everything back straight before she comes back this evening but I’m not really sure they have taken me seriously. Ah well, you only live once, so back to the party!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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