Thursday 30th August 2012 – So Excited

My new computer is arriving today and I just know that if I pester my Mistress for long enough she will leave off what she’s doing and help me set it up. What I have to do sounds quite complicated. I’m quite firmly with my Master when it comes to technology and agree that the best solution is to hand the box over to my Mistress and then take it back when it is configured and ready to go. I think she quite enjoys it, although that may just be a way to salve our consciences.

I discovered a new technique when playing ball with Shadow and Megan. Basically after the first once or twice I am not allowed to win the ball, so now I have a new approach. I stand still while the two girls chase the ball and then I ask my Mistress to throw another one especially for me in the opposite direction. That way I can win every time and neither of the girls gets cross with me. I will do anything for an easy life. I just wish my little friend Aristotle was allowed to play ball as he and I could take it in turns, but it would be bad for his leg so he has to watch from the window. It feels very mean, but I wave to him now and again just to show I’m thinking of him.

Have I told you there are going to be 20 of our breed at our Fun Day – maybe even 21 if one of Shadow’s brothers can make it. It is amazing. There are only 31 in the UK and Ireland, and only 29 who don’t need to cross water to get here. Although with this rain, that could be an error on my part.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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