Saturday 1st September 2012 – Full of Bounce

As my computer came together little my little yesterday, I could see the tension in my Mistress easing. Today she has asked for peace and quiet to catch up with her own work and I for one am not going to complain. I was very happy when she put the final touches to it and added a little line of paw print transfers along the top cover. I realise most of you think that is a dreadful thing to do to a brand new computer, but it’s only like putting someone’s name in something so they don’t lose it. I’ve got a tattoo in my ear, a microchip in my shoulder and paw prints on my computer. It’s a dog thing.

Now that I’m so much more full of energy, which we can only put down to my Pedigree Jointcare+ I’ve asked to go on the long walk with the girls either today or tomorrow to see how I get on. I’m not completely sure it’s a good idea. Not only does Megan not appreciate my being around, but it’s likely to be muddy and I will not welcome a bath on my return. I thought I might be able to negotiate a little and maybe exchange rolling round in the grass to get the worst of the mud off with the opportunity of being shut in the utility until I’ve worked on the rest. Past experience says I’m most likely to succeed if there is not clean washing hanging up in the utility at the time. I’m never popular when I get mud all over the clean washing. I’m just about forgiven if I add to existing mud on dirty clothes, but never, never is it acceptable on clean clothing.

Tomorrow is the 10k run in our village. It’s quite a remarkable event in which more people take part than even live in our village and at least a quarter of those who do live in the village help with organising. My Master is going to be helping to look after an Olympic torch that is coming for people to have their photos with. My Mistress is helping with whatever needs doing on the day as she didn’t think she would be here. She thought she would be in Switzerland, but that hasn’t turned out to be the case. Hopefully she will go soon, but there is no sign yet.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Jude Glynn says:

    Shame we don’t live nearer or I could have taken part in the run:) x

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