Sunday 2nd September 2012 – Oh Aristotle!

Aristotle has a bigger appetite than his food allowance. He gets hungry and goes to have a look for what he can find. Yesterday he was found eating the fallen apples in the garden and it was carefully explained to him that if he carried on he was going to make himself ill. Now, he’s not a stupid dog and he didn’t fancy that, although he did have the sense to ask whether my Mistress was just saying that as a way to stop him eating them. He then went on another food hunt. He checked all the bowls and there was nothing in them, so he worked out how to take the lid of the plastic container that was on the side. When you are a four legged animal and you are standing on two legs and using the other two and as arms with a little assistance from your nose, then something is going to go wrong. He knocked his mum’s bowl off onto the floor and it smashed. It’s bad enough being in trouble with our Mistress, but having his mum shouting at him as well was all a little too much. Anyway he said he was very sorry and has agreed to forego the bed that my Mistress had said she would buy for his birthday and has asked for the money to be used on a bowl for his mother instead. A wise move, if I may say so!

Oh my Mistress was traumatised yesterday morning. She was finished in the shower and reached for the towel to wrap round her hair. Now when she is in the shower she cannot wear her glasses so she can’t see awfully well. Anyway, just as she was moving the towel (already inside the shower cubicle) towards her hair, a large spider simply stared back at her from the towel. Fortunately she has got over the worst of her fear of spiders, but not so much that she didn’t feel rather shaken by the incident. She had to check the replacement towel thoroughly before she would go anywhere near it.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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