Tuesday September 4th 2012 – A strict pack leader

My Mistress is being strict with us. It’s been hard with Shadow so playful and me having more energy and Aristotle still being a puppy and Megan being well … Megan! My Mistress has called time on us all playing up. She’s the boss and I guess having us charging round the office can be quite difficult to work through. It’s Aristotle who has been most shocked. He’s the baby of the family and he thought that meant he could get away with things the rest of us are told off for, like barking. Well that’s not the case. At one point yesterday she made me lie down one side of her chair and not move and Aristotle was instructed to lie down the other side and we were both made to stay there until she told us otherwise. I can stay still for hours, but it’s not one of Aristotle’s strengths as yet so he was just itching to get up. Partly, it was because he wanted to assert his independence, but when my Mistress is being strict there is really no arguing back and she wasn’t going to go soft on us just because her darling Aristotle smiled at her.

When we were calm, she discussed with us what we wanted to do when she takes Shadow to Switzerland. We could stay here, but might not have much freedom or company for a few days. We could go to kennels. I said I was willing to go and stay with my grandparents, but she has told me that my first responsibility is to look after Aristotle so wherever he goes I have to go. There goes my idea of a week of self-indulgent pampering. Then we got into an argument about Megan. I said my Mistress should take her with her as well as Shadow, but she said it is much harder work taking two dogs. I pointed out I didn’t really want Megan staying with us as she’s horrible to me, but my Mistress said that was less likely if she wasn’t around and I should see it as my duty as the senior dog to take care of the rest of the pack in her absence. Ah the joys of responsibilities.

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