Friday 7th September 2012 – Megan is accident prone

It’s not so much that she has accidents. It’s just that she throws herself into things with such unreserved enthusiasm. We played ball on Wednesday and she threw herself into it, twisting and turning to get the ball. Except she twisted and turned a bit that wasn’t meant to do that. To be honest, that’s only half the story. She did a screeching halt across the paving slabs and took the skin off both her heels, but on one of them she twisted her ankle too and once she’d sat down she realised how much it was hurting. Anyway, she went to see the vet yesterday and there doesn’t seem to be any serious damage, just a bit of fluid on the joint. She’s on pain killers and rest for a few days. The good news is that at last her bad toe is improving and had started to go down. She was only just enjoying being able to do as much exercise as she wanted to and now she has to rest again. Now if it were me, you’d think it was just an excuse to put my feet up, but that is something that Megan never really seems to want to do. Poor Megan. I can’t get quite so much into my herding role when I’ve only got Shadow to herd.

I find it incredible that there are still things my Mistress needs to set up on my computer. It seems to take forever to get it working. She wants to ring our friends in Switzerland but needs to get the computer to work again for that. Ah well, it’s a good job she vaguely knows what she’s doing – although it is the vague bit that worries me.

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