Sunday 9th September 2012 – Don’t Panic

It looks like Shadow’s season has started so we have all gone into a tail-spin. My Mistress is frantically making all her travel arrangements and cancelling all the things she was supposed to be doing. You wouldn’t believe what needs to be sorted out in order to drop everything and go away for a week. Anyway, the best bit of the news is that it does mean she will be back in time for a Fun Day, as long as nothing goes wrong that is and of course we all remember what happened last year! Anyway, after a lengthy discussion with Aristotle and me I think she has decided to take Megan as well as Shadow, at least that way Megan can have some quality time with my Mistress and get to see her family in Switzerland. At least that was the argument I put forward. What I was really thinking is that she won’t be around to cause me grief in kennels if she has gone to Switzerland with my Mistress. The only one of us that is very unhappy about everything is little Aristotle. It means that both our Mistress and his mum will be away for his birthday and he was really looking forward to a day of being spoilt rotten. My Mistress tried to console him by saying that having several more brothers and sisters would be a lovely birthday present for him but he just looked up at her dolefully and said all he really wanted for his birthday was a big cuddle. I said I’d do my best to give him a cuddle on his birthday, but apparently that wasn’t exactly what he had in mind.

The worrying thing is the list of jobs I’m being given to cover while they go away. I’m really worried I’m going to miss one of the items on the list. Fortunately someone else will be making the birthday cake for Fun Day so I don’t need to worry about that one.

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