Wednesday 12th September 2012 – Note to self…

More to the point, note to my Mistress. It was late on Monday night. She was working when I pointed to the clock and said it was bed time. I’d already got Aristotle ready for bed and Shadow had been out at the same time, but my Mistress was engrossed in what she was doing and said that Megan could stay up for half an hour while she got finished. Normally, being allowed to stay up is a good thing and the ‘kids’ get excited about it. I like my bed and always have, so to me staying up is more a punishment, but Megan was happy. That is until it was time to go to bed. Between my taking Aristotle out to the toilet and my Mistress taking Megan the weather had changed from a fine warm evening to a cold night with a torrential downpour. In the time it took them outside both Megan and my Mistress were soaked to the skin. So much so that they then had to stay up for another half hour to dry off. Megan was towelled dry first, but only after my Mistress had used the towel to remove some of the excess water that was rapidly puddling around her in the kitchen. It didn’t help that I was standing there laughing at both of them and saying ‘I told you it was time for bed a while ago’. A prophet is never appreciated in his home town, although that may not be entirely relevant to saying ‘I told you so’ and I wasn’t born here anyway.

Shadow was not ‘happy mellow in season dog’ today. She was feeling a bit hormonal and has turned into the moody bitch from hell. I was, as always, in the firing line and she launched flying attacks in my direction on two separate occasions. I’m quite glad she’s going away.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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