Thursday 13th September 2012 – I’ve had enough

I’m getting it from all sides and I’ve had enough. I’m a mild mannered dog. Some would go as far as to call me a coward, but in my defence, cowering behind my Mistress is often the safest place to be. I’m a pacifist, but that’s a hard stance to maintain in the face of ongoing aggression. Shadow has now launched several unprovoked, flying attacks on me. One such attack took me completely by surprise and left me seeking refuge, gibbering in the kitchen, out of harm’s way. Megan has a go at me at every opportunity and then just to finish it off Aristotle thought it would be fun to see if he could hang from my ear. We had new bones and my Mistress had to keep rescuing mine from one of the others and giving it back to me. When they took it away I just stood there looking lost and sad until she intervened on my behalf. What am I doing wrong? I weight 30kg – that’s 5kg more than any of the others, 7 more than the girls. I’m fit, strong and the senior member of the pack. Yet I’m downtrodden, disregarded and don’t fight back. ‘Stand up for yourself’ my Mistress said. Well that’s all very well for her. She isn’t having to suffer in the way I am. Although that may not be completely true as Shadow is being moody with her too, but without the flying attacks. She’s just being grumpy and disobedient, but that’s not really anything new.

I forgot to tell you that Megan’s leg is improving. It’s not sorted yet, but at least it’s going the right way. She’s going to have her work cut out getting fit given how much she’s put her feet up recently.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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