Friday 14th September 2012 I hope they’re not too late

I’m worrying about the timing of Shadow meeting her new boyfriend. I wouldn’t have thought much of it if it hadn’t been for yesterday. First off Aristotle tried to mount his mother. Once you get past the whole ‘Eeeurrggh’ factor, you are left with the fact that she didn’t complain. Worse, once he was told off and sheepishly went to sit on the settee, she turned and stood hoping that I would take over. Now call me a wimp if you like, but you don’t try mounting a dog that tried to bite you the day before. What worries me is that she shouldn’t be this keen just yet. She’s having a blood test this morning and we will get the results later today. My Mistress is hoping that it doesn’t say she has to drop everything and drive as fast as she can to Switzerland. She is hoping that the timing she has planned will work out and then we can all stay calm and nobody needs to panic. Aristotle and Shadow are being kept apart and even I am not being allowed outside with her unattended. This dog breeding business is really all a bit too much and shouldn’t be inflicted on us poor males.


In the meantime my Mistress has packed the car up ready to go. She is still doing last minute preparations and writing lists for us all. I tried to reassure her we’d be fine, but that’s only in as much as we will muddle through somehow, but maybe not quite as she had in mind. After a last minute panic when she realised that my food was going to run out while she was away, she managed to order some to arrive today, so as long as the nice delivery man brings it, I will not have to fight Ari for his food.

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