Sunday 16th September 2012 – Half way there

You probably already know if you know my Mistress on facebook, but they are half way there now. It was fun tracking her progress as she kept posting status updates of her location. It wasn’t too bad a journey for that half anyway. Today they set off again to do the remaining 400 miles. Shadow is very calm and looking forward to her adventure. Megan is over excited and being a nuisance. She still hasn’t really got over her travelling in the summer and still sees hotels as places to misbehave and terrorise the local population. At least the weather was good for the journey, which always makes it easier.


So far Aristotle is having a great time sitting on the settee in the lounge. He’s not normally allowed in there so he thinks it must be Christmas. I did point out that as he’s going to be a year old this week, he would start to find his privileges increased, but at that point he simply got too excited so I didn’t have chance to start to explain that with privileges came responsibility. Ah well, that can be a little surprise for him for later. I’ve heard my Mistress having the conversation with the boys when they ask for later bedtimes and more freedom, so I think I could probably have the conversation with him on my Mistress’s behalf, but with all these things the timing has to be right. I suppose I need to think about what responsibilities the little fellow can take on first. I might start by thinking about the jobs I don’t like doing and pass some of those on to him. I shall keep cleaning the plates in the dishwasher to myself as I do find all sorts of interesting tastes on the plates and pans I find in there.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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