Monday 17th September 2012 – Normally it’s just coffee but…

When my Mistress travels she has amazing knack of spilling down her clothes the first cup of coffee that she buys during the journey. Oh she did that, but on this journey she went a whole load further. During the night in the hotel the girls didn’t sleep very well. Consequently neither did my Mistress, so she was up before dawn and set off in time to see the sun rise over the fields of France. It was a lovely sunny day and thankfully they made good time arriving at our friend in Switzerland by mid afternoon. That’s when the fun began. A discussion with the vet and the assistance of a dog called Nero, who is no more able to have puppies than I am, gave the impression that Shadow was probably ready to mate. So after driving 425 miles my Mistress got back in the car for another hour’s drive to take Shadow to meet Sami. I know you are all dying to hear what happened. Well…


Oh, ok, they liked each other and promptly got down to business. Yes, Shadow has mated already. She’s going to see him again later today and hopefully that will go well too. Anyway, my Mistress is hoping that her clothes will cope better today. Sadly when the dogs separated yesterday, given that my Mistress had been sitting on the floor holding Shadow, rather unfortunately she got coated in more dog bodily fluids than she had planned to come into contact with. She was not a happy lady and then had to drive for an hour back to our friends’ house wearing wet trousers that were clinging to her leg reminding her of what had happened. You will be pleased to know that she has a spare pair of jeans and a spare sweatshirt and our friends have a washing machine that has come in very handy! I may be able to bring you a photo tomorrow.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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