Wednesday 19th September 2012 – Birthday boys and girls

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Aristotle, Arnie, Amigo, Dora, Sogeli, Addie and Rafa, happy birthday to you.

Aristotle is very sad that he can’t have his presents or cake today and that he only has me for company as he is in kennels. Still he’s getting excited about the party on Saturday and seeing his brothers and sisters and of course our Mistress. He’s very sad that Megan is now going to miss the birthday party. She will be staying in Switzerland for a couple of weeks and then our Mistress will go to bring her home again. They are setting off tomorrow afternoon, my Mistress and Shadow and taking the homeward journey a little more easily. There will be a lot more traffic as it’s weeks days. Shadow says it’s going to be strange sitting in the back without Megan for company. If I’m being honest I am looking forward to a couple of weeks where Megan is leaving me alone and not getting cross with me all the time.

I’m guessing my Mistress is going to have a lot of trips to the vet here if we have two pregnant girls in the house. We like our vet, except when she sticks needles in us, so at least we know the girls will be in good hands. It’s going to be very exciting waiting for the results of their scans, but that will be another 4 weeks away for Shadow and a little longer for Megan.

I need to explain to Aristotle what our jobs will be when the puppies are born. I will have the chair outside the room with the whelping box, keeping watch over the puppies and his job will be to sit next to me and keep me company. We’ll sit together and listen to their little cries and make sure that my Mistress and the girls are there when the puppies need them. Shadow let me go in and see the puppies sometimes. I do hope Megan will let me too.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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