Friday 21st September 2012 – Not the best of journeys

After the travel problems of yesterday and with a relatively short drive today, you’d like to think that nothing could go wrong. But you’d be wrong! My Mistress was happily chatting on the phone, then driving along listening to a cd, when a thought crossed her mind ‘I’ve left my pillow behind!’ Ok, so she’s not normal and most people don’t take their own pillow when they travel, but she does and she has left it in the hotel fifteen miles previous. So she turned round and just for good measure not only was it a toll road, but the dear satellite navigation system took her by another odd route. An hour after first leaving the hotel she left it for a second time, complete with pillow and, I’m pleased to say, Shadow! The rest of the day was less eventful and they are all set to cross the Channel and meet me in Maidenhead this evening. I just need to round up my master and the children and Aristotle and make sure we all get there at a reasonable time so she isn’t on her own. Actually, if I’m being truthful it’s more that I want to hurry them all up so I can see her as I’ve missed her and it’s been a long week. I’ve managed not to tell Aristotle about his bed, so that will be a nice surprise for him. He may work it out when we don’t pack one for him, but he’s not that used to going away and it will be his first time in a hotel. I know when I first stayed in a hotel I was expecting a hotel provided bed, so I was quite disappointed when I had to take my own – so he may not have any idea. Mind you, I was only four months old so I still had a lot to learn, now he’s a year old he can hardly call himself a puppy anymore – although of course being the youngest he probably always will.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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