Saturday 22nd September 2012 – Today’s the day

How excited can one dog be? If it wasn’t enough to see Aristotle’s little face when he was given his birthday present last night, he can barely contain himself at the thought of the party today. Shadow on the other paw is fed up. She had to spend last night staying with a friend of my Mistress rather than with us in the hotel. My Mistress didn’t want to take any chance that we would try to cover her scent in the hotel room by peeing and to be quite honest I do take her point. It’s not so much me as Aristotle – he gets these urges and however much he knows they are wrong he just has to do it. Even today she is going to have to sit in her crate with the boot open so she can watch us all playing and not actually take part in the activities. She won’t be lonely as Aida is planning to sit with her has she is in season too, so they can have a girly chat and Shadow can tell her about what she can look forward to when she mates next spring.

We did receive some sad news from our friends in Switzerland. The lovely dog Niro who helped last Sunday to tell Shadow that she should go to meet her boyfriend that night crossed over the rainbow bridge on Thursday morning. Shadow and my Mistress are really very upset and were just glad to have been able to see him one last time. He was not well on Tuesday night and had been to the vet on Wednesday, at least he had been in good health until then and he was 11 years old, although to me that doesn’t sound all that old.

I must go and get ready for our party. I’m just hoping there is plenty of birthday cake as we are very hungry dogs!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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