Wednesday 26th September 2012 – A public apology

My Mistress would like to publicly apologise to her satellite navigation system. In future, she promises to think twice before she says you are wrong and that she knows better. She would like to acknowledge that a route which is 75 miles shorter is not necessarily better and that sometimes toll roads are there for a good reason. She did see some lovely scenery, as she drove round hairpin bends through mountain passes that in a couple of months may be closed due to snow. She also saw an awful lot of rain, lightening and the odd patch of sunshine. Her overall conclusion was that rural France was closed, probably not just for the day but in places on a rather more permanent basis. At times it seemed to take the concept of ‘ghost town’ to a whole new level. She saw places improbably named with words starting with X and place called ‘Void’ that really needs twinning with somewhere called ‘Null’. I never thought I would hear her say that she was pleased to get back onto the motorway, but sure enough she was. Anyway, so keen is she to get home that she drove all the way to Calais yesterday and has changed her crossing this morning to an earlier time slot. She has decided she wants pancakes when she gets home and has asked me to organise someone to go to the butcher for some bacon. Given that going to the butcher is normally Megan’s job and she is still travelling with my Mistress, I may have to talk nicely to my Master. He’s usually happy to eat bacon so it may not be too hard a task. She says she doesn’t want to see her car again for a long time and will be quite happy to walk everywhere. Somehow I don’t entirely believe that. It’s not that she minds the walking, it’s the time it takes to get anywhere. She’s even been known to drive down to the village and that’s plain ridiculous whichever way you look at it.

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