Thursday 27th September 2012 – Home at last

Well my Mistress is home safe. She is far too tired to do very much, but at least she is here. 3340 miles in 12 days is quite a long way and when you have lived out of your car it does seem it takes on a rather unsavoury appearance. I think the assistance of the vacuum cleaner is in order at the very least. Megan and Shadow were not entirely pleased to see each other. They both raised their hackles and circled the other one. My Mistress is taking the total immersion approach, they are going to have to share the maternity facilities so they may as well get along. They are going to be sleeping in the same room now and doing everything together. We, thankfully are going to be sleeping in a different room and doing everything apart. Andy was particularly pleased to see my Mistress home, but that was mainly thanks to the gigantic Toblerone she had bought for him. We couldn’t complain as there were enough goodies for us as well. My Mistress has asked us very nicely if she could have a quietish day today so she can do some catching up. She started by writing up the costs of the trip, by the end of which she was looking a little pale. I do hope the girls are pregnant after all that.

What I forgot to say was that despite all the bad weather here most of her trip was not too bad. Oh it was slower due to the heavy rain but it was only when she got five miles from home that she had to do a detour due to flooded roads. If she weren’t so tired I think she would turn round and move to somewhere a little drier! This time she’d be taking me with her. I think I should insist from now on that I get included on trips. I get fed up with being left behind.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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