Friday 28th September 2012 – Tired

My Mistress is wondering how it’s possible to be as tired as she is without actually being asleep. She is sitting at her desk, but quite frankly I don’t think there’s a whole load going on inside her head. I told her that there isn’t much going on inside my head at the best of times, but apparently that wasn’t helpful. She has a friend coming to stay this weekend so at least she has a legitimate excuse to put her feet up. I’m not sure what the friend is going to think when she needs her bed at 8 o’ clock in the evening, but I suspect we’re going to find out.

Megan and Shadow are taking their possible pregnancies very differently. Shadow is being quite demure and moderately nice, except when in close proximity to me. Megan is feeling rather more antisocial and doesn’t want to be with any other dogs. It could be a long few weeks. It was looking as though if they were both pregnant that we would make a large inroad into the puppy waiting list, but as another 3 people have joined the list or said they plan to in the last couple of days then it may not be quite so straightforward. We really need more girls to join the breeding programme but it all takes time. Having said that I really don’t want any more girls in this house. 2 is enough. At times when they are both having a go at me it seems 2 more than enough! Boys are so much easier. Other than the fact he keeps raiding the food cupboard, Aristotle is really no trouble at all. He has even understood that when we get into bed in a morning he can only lie behind my Mistress and not in my spot. We rub along very well together, my little buddy and me.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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