Saturday 29th September 2012 – It’s hard to be patient

We really want to know if the girls are pregnant, but there is no way of finding out yet. Shadow says she thinks she is and to be honest given she is now at least a week and a half down the way you’d like to think she had some idea what her body was up to. I know that in human terms a week and a half does not sound long but if you equate it to a month and a half for a human you would be nearer to the time interval. Gestation for a puppy is only 9 weeks so it’s effectively a week for every human month. Megan is flouncing about as usual so it’s hard to see any difference. The good news is that we have worked out how the whelping pens can fit along with my Mistress’s bed and next week we are going to start to make some of the preparations in readiness for seeing what we will still need to buy. Hopefully there won’t be too much, but we already know there are one or two things we will be short of. We did think we were going to have plenty of newspapers but that may not be the case with two litters. We’ll be back to having to find the most newsprint you can buy per £1 of money. It was the Sunday Telegraph or was it the Saturday Telegraph from previous observation. Sadly that is not a paper that my Mistress would choose to read, but needs must. Perhaps she should start chatting to the nice men at the tip now in preparation for having to ask them to open the recycling bin for her. The depths she has to plunge in order to develop our breed!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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