Sunday 30th September 2012 – Christmas is cancelled

Now, I know it’s only the 30th of September and Christmas is still a number of weeks away, but it has dawned on my Mistress that if we have two litters of puppies born in late November there isn’t going to be very much time to prepare for Christmas. She has a choice. She either prepares for Christmas now or she cancels it altogether. You can guess what the family are campaigning for and you can guess which my Mistress is tending towards. She has always had a rule that she cannot start to prepare for Christmas until after her father’s birthday. So in this house the Christmas season is annually declared on the 18th of November. However, Shadow’s puppies are due on the 18th of November and Megan’s a few days later so there will be little opportunity to make a cake, buy and wrap presents and write a letter to her friends and family around the world. In an attempt to press my case I am declaring the 1st of October as the start of the Christmas season. I am suggesting that we sit down together and begin to select my Christmas presents and of course not forgetting my birthday which comes along even sooner. I did think of suggesting that we could start putting up the Christmas decorations, but given that the flags have only just come down from the Jubilee and the Olympics my Mistress is in no hurry to start again. She has also pointed out that if we were to put a tree up this soon then it will either have taken root or dropped its needles long before the real event occurs. Why does she have to be so practical? If she isn’t careful I shall just have to return to my usual state of ‘bah humbug’ and forget the whole thing. Although I may be persuaded to don a little Santa hat and play Santa for the little puppies with their presents.

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