Tuesday 2nd October 2012 – She means business

Thanks to the excessive inclement weather and absence of anything you might describe as sunshine, our back patio is more moss than stones. My Mistress has tried pulling it out, spraying it with an ineffectual spray and making us play ball so we skid across it and take it all out in the process. However she has had little real success and the moss is winning. The patio is green. One solution would be a pressure washer, but the problem with that is that it would take all the filling out as well. Anyway, she has resorted to buying a power sprayer for the moss killer. She tells me that it’s safe for animals when it’s dry, but given that it’s never dry round here I guess it isn’t going to be safe! At least it means I can’t be asked to go round and do the actual spraying. My moss duties end with playing ball.

Shadow is taking great care at the moment and saying she’s got to be careful because she pregnant. Megan is simply bouncing around saying ‘me too’. I did try, from a distance, to suggest to Megan she might want to try the calm quiet approach but as she summersaulted off the settee to answer me, I’m guessing my comment may have fallen on deaf ears. Getting the whelping box out did not happen yesterday. My Mistress was too traumatised by the lack of caffeine to want to move too far. She’s promised that if she’s feeling a little better she may do it today. I’ve rather foolishly offered to help! Aristotle is very excited to see the place he was born again, but then Aristotle gets excited about everything – he’s at that sort of age. He gets excited about getting up, he gets excited about going to bed. He just gets excited.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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