Friday 5th October 2012 – We’re in the paper

How exciting is that, we were in the paper. The paper being ‘Dog World’ which is a weekly paper for dogs, or their owners, one or the other. Anyway, my Mistress sent them a piece about our fun day along with several photographs. They chose the one of me and Aristotle. Sadly they didn’t ask our names but we know it’s us. It’s also a shame that they didn’t put the name of our friend Alfie Entlebucher’s owner as the person taking the photo, we did ask them to. She’s really very good at taking photos, she took a wonderful one of my howling. I don’t do that very often, how she captured the exact moment of full howl I really don’t know. I think the other Alfie posted some on his blog, you should take a look.

My Mistress is surviving quite well without coffee. She has managed 4 days so far. She has at least another 6 to go. She doesn’t feel great and she’d love a hot drink, but as they said she could only have camomile tea and she has declared that to be undrinkable she is somewhat limited. I said to her, if water is good enough for us then it should be good enough for her. Mind you, can you imagine what Megan would be like if we gave her coffee? It doesn’t even bear thinking about.

I feel better about having to go to the vet at intervals to have my annual inoculations. Tomorrow my Master and my Mistress are going for their flu jabs. They don’t actually go to the vet, they go to a doctor but it’s the same principle. At least they don’t have to have the one they stick up our noses. That is never pleasant. And another thing, if they can stick a thermometer into a human ear for a second or two to take your temperature, why can’t they do that for a dog? Why do they have to stick a thermometer up our rear end for a minute or two? It’s undignified.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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