Saturday 6th October 2012 – Ari is in the dog house

Ari is lovely. He’s also a very naughty puppy. He claims he was trying to help, although I have my doubts. He was licking the pots that had been left on the side for washing up. He always does that. He says he’s making the washing up easier, I think he’s just seeing if there is any food left. Anyway, there was a great big saucepan from spaghetti Bolognese with a glad lid. The lid is essential in making something like that, so my Mistress says, as apparently it spits everywhere. Why you would want to eat something that spits at you I don’t know. Anyway, Ari was licking the lid clean and moved it aside to get to the pan underneath, except there was no side where he moved it to and it went crashing down onto the stone floor. Glass + Stone = Awful mess with little pieces of glass all over the kitchen floor. My Mistress swung into action moving Ari to a safe area while she got down on her hands and knees with the dustpan and brush. It took her ages going over and over the floor in the hope she’d got all the pieces and to make sure none of us ended up with cut paws. She even sent my Master to make sure Ari was all right and hadn’t been too upset by the loud noise. Of course, Ari was bouncing around without a care in the world and showed no remorse whatsoever. His only grief was that he was excluded from the kitchen and had no opportunity to lick the pan.

We now want to buy a pan lid but no pan to match the pan we’ve got with no pan lid. The cost will be coming out of Aristotle’s pocket money.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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