Sunday 7th October 2012 – Not always as you remember

Well at last we have got the whelping box out of the summerhouse. ‘We are only going to need an additional front panel to make the run into a second whelping box,’ my Mistress said. She set to building the original box so she could properly see what was what. Ari sat and sniffed at it with a far-away look in his eye. I said he’d looked at it so closely from the inside that he should be able to build it with his eyes closed. He said he was too busy thinking of all his brothers and sisters to help. Anyway, as luck would have it my Mistress could remember how to put it together and in a matter of twenty minutes it was fully assembled. Which is more than I can say for the new laundry basket yesterday morning. My Mistress got to towards the end of that and found the bit she should have fitted before she put it all together. She had to un-assemble it and go back to square one. Step 5 actually, but what are a few steps between friends? Meanwhile, back at the whelping box one or two problems with using the run extension as a second box were coming to light. The base didn’t have the right number of holes in for the sides to attach to. My Mistress thought we might get round that. The back didn’t have a hole for a heating pad if it were needed. My Mistress thought we could get round that. The back didn’t have any holes for roll bars. At this point my Mistress was starting to lose confidence in her plan. Then when she realised the sides were made completely differently it was the last straw and she told Megan she can have a brand new whelping box of her own as long as we find she’s pregnant. Now she just has to choose between the plain white one like Shadow’s or the ones in pretty colours that my Mistress has found. Aristotle, cleared his throat and said he had an opinion on that if we wanted to listen. He thinks the colour shouldn’t be either pink or blue or anything too garish as it might affect the mental stability of the puppies. At that stage, I pointed out he was born in a white whelping box and it hasn’t helped him!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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