Monday 8th October 2012 – I’ll do almost anything for…

When my Mistress went to Switzerland she went to the pet shop there, as is her habit. To be honest it’s the only type of shopping she really enjoys. Anyway, she bought Ari’s bed as you know and a lovely lead for us all to share for special occasions, which matches MY collar. In addition to that she bought us a bag of malt and vanilla biscuits. Now I don’t know quite what goes into them as well as the malt and vanilla, but it turns out that I will do almost anything in the hope of being given one. I, who likes to keep all four paws firmly on the ground, will sit up and beg, stand on two legs, even dance in order to get close to the scent of the biscuit. As you may imagine, given Aristotle’s abilities as a food thief, they are being kept under lock and key and rationed. Now we are asking my Mistress whether she can buy them in this country or at least place an order over the internet. If not there is nothing else for it, I’m going to have to get her to drive back to the pet shop to buy some more. Suddenly no other biscuit is worthy. Oh, I’ll eat whatever is put in front of me, but I’ll only dance for a malt and vanilla biscuit. Perhaps we could try to make our own. I know there is some vanilla extract in the cupboard but I don’t think we’ve got any malt.

I should write to my friend Tino the Rabbit and tell him about them so that his owners can try to make some. They are very good at making biscuits, but I’m sorry to have to tell them they really don’t match up to the effect of the malt and vanilla.

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