Tuesday 9th October 2012 – The cat’s away the mice will play…

Ok, so not an actual cat, we don’t have one of those. But then neither are we actual mice. My Mistress has gone out for the day to London and we are here causing trouble. To be fair, we aren’t on our own, but the great thing about someone else looking after you is that you can say ‘Oh but my Mistress said I could do that today’ and they are none the wiser. I’m putting a bid in for a day in bed although this is in direct conflict with Aristotle wanting to see if he can use the bed as a trampoline. You would never know he had a bad leg from the way he bounces everywhere. He really is a classic case of not letting a disability get in the way of a bit of mischief. The girls have emptied out all my Mistress’s make up and nail varnish and are having a girly day doing each other’s nails and generally giggling to each other. It makes a pleasant change from Shadow being limited to grooming all our ears, although what my Mistress will make of it all remains to be seen. I’ve explained to the others, the key thing is to have the house back to how it was before we started in plenty of time for our Mistress coming home – although I suppose that will depend on how much damage the trampolining actually does as some mess is less easy to fix.

We were sent some free dog food to try yesterday. I’m always willing to stick up my paw for that one. Sadly my Mistress took immediate charge of it and said it would be rationed out. I’m a little less keen on the rationing idea.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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