Wednesday 10th October 2012 – Ari’s swimming day

Aristotle is not a happy puppy. It’s swimming day. He doesn’t want to go but is being told that it is not an option. He did try asking if I could go in his place and quite apart from the fact they might just notice the different between a 30kg seven year old dog and a 25kg one year old dog it was an easy NO! There’s water involved and no one, not anyone, is going to get me near water. He’s on his own on this one. I suggested he could liven it up by trying a new stroke like butterfly, but he said there wasn’t much room for free choice and he had to do what his instructor told him and didn’t get any say.

Tino the Rabbit, my friend, has been getting excited about the prospect of having one of the puppies if both Megan and Shadow turn out to be pregnant. He may even get one if only Shadow is pregnant as long as her litter is of a good size. Their scans are less than two weeks away now and I’m counting down the days. Of course I am excited about the puppies but I’m really counting down to losing my Mistress for a week or two as she will sleep with the girls and not upstairs with me. I slept in the chair outside the room last year, but I’ve got Aristotle to think of this year and I don’t think with Megan having puppies too that my Mistress will want us both outside the door. It’s going to be a tough couple of weeks with no getting into bed at 5. Particularly now the mornings are getting colder I do like to be able to get under the duvet with her.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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