Thursday 11th October 2012 – Well what do you know?

Aristotle almost enjoyed his swimming yesterday. He reluctantly admitted that the more he goes the more enjoyable he is finding it. It’s a good job as my Mistress is a bit worried about his leg as it seems to be getting worse and he fell down a couple of the steps at home when it gave way on him. My Mistress is going to take him back to the physiotherapist to see what she says. It’s all very well but there are a lot of steps in our house and I don’t think you can get special doggy stair lifts. He’s a bit too heavy for my Mistress to carry him everywhere so I think we’ll just have to move house to somewhere that is all on the level, especially for little Aristotle.

My Mistress gets to start introducing foods back into her diet as of tomorrow. She can only add one thing every 2 days and then only if what she adds doesn’t make her ill. She has not drunk coffee for 10 days and she has decided that that is definitely the first thing to go back in. You watch, tomorrow morning after one cup of coffee she’s going to be bouncing off the ceiling and by two cups…well it just doesn’t stand thinking about. I think the afternoon might be the time to take myself off to another part of the house and leave her too it. She can be insufferable when she hasn’t had any caffeine so Heaven help us tomorrow. She did think it was more important to introduce some other foods, but as she is meeting a friend for coffee on Saturday she thought it would be a little hard to do if she couldn’t actually have any coffee, which is a fair point.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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