Friday 12th October 2012 – Cautiously optimistic

Now if I didn’t know better I would say that there has been a slight change in Megan’s behaviour and appearance. I don’t want to speak too soon but I’m starting to think there is a good possibility that both girls are pregnant. It really does feel an awfully long time to their scans and we’re all getting very impatient. What is lovely is the offers of help we keep receiving. One of our friends is getting her work colleagues to collect newspapers so that when she comes to visit the puppies she can bring them all with her. It’s brilliant to think none of us will have to raid the recycle bins in search of newspaper or worse still buy brand new ones from the shops just so there is something to line the pens. My Mistress is waiting for confirmation before the full action plan swings into process. For a start she decided that the rubber mat that goes under the pen needs to be replaced with lino’. It was all very well last year but there were a couple of drawbacks. The rubber matting was not as wide as the whole pen and so had to be put down in overlaying strips. That was ok to until a certain puppy, who will remain nameless, together with his brothers and sisters, worked out that they could chew bits off the edge. That was no good. Not only did they shred some of the matting but it means it’s harder to reuse it now as well. So my Mistress will be going to the carpet shop to ask for an offcut of linoleum floor covering to fit under the pen. In reality it may be pens. She’s not sure at what age they are best to go in together and when they are better apart. I suppose in part it will depend on how many there are. Once they are completely weaned they could all be in together to play, but we might need an awfully big pen to do that.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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